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It's easy! You are encouraged to call at least 2 business days before your appointment. If reservations are not made with 2 business day notice we cannot guarantee transportation, but we will make every effort to arrange your ride. The Reservation phone number is toll free, 1-844-544-1397. Confirmed urgent appointments may be booked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you need to cancel your trip, please call as soon as possible. We appreciate at least a one- day notice. You may cancel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1-844-544-1397.

We may be able to reimburse you, your friends, or family to take you to your appointments. Don't forget to ask about this program when you call and schedule your trip. Call us at 1-844-544-1397 before your travel so we can issue you a trip number. We will send you paperwork that you and your driver will need to fill out. You then send the paperwork back to us to get paid.

You will receive the level of transportation that is most appropriate for you based on your medical condition.  That may be a bus pass, mileage reimbursement or curb to curb, if appropriate for your needs. Our customer service representatives can give you more information.

To book your trip we will need:

  • Your name, address (including apt. number) and phone number.
  • Your Medicaid number.
  • The Doctor/Clinic's full name, address (including office or suite number) and phone number.
  • The time of your appointment.

If transportation is running more than 30 minutes late and you have not heard from your driver, simply call LogistiCare's toll-free Ride Assist number 1-844-544-1398 (Please do not use this number for trip reservations).

Yes, service animals trained to assist people with disabilities are permitted. Please make the representative aware that a service animal will be accompanying you when making your reservation.

A complaint can be filed by any representative that answers your call.  You can also fill out and mail in the complaint form on the Downloads page or by calling WVCH Customer Service 503-584-2150.  All complaints will have a complaint number, so please ask for it to have when inquiring about your complaint.